Frequently asked questions

A VPT(Virtual PayPal terminal) is a service which enables Nigerians receive their PayPal payment from any location wordlwide. 

VPT offers real Virtual receiving PayPal account which you can use to receive payments from any part of the country with any currency.

 This accounts can be used at anywhere PayPal is accepted to receive Payments.

VPT acts as your proxy to protect you from account limitations while receiving money. 

The reason you need this is because you need to have a validated and aged account to handle your transaction, furthermore it is only one-time usage and have to be in different countries. 

By using the VPT, you are safe from getting banned from Paypal. 

Virtual PayPal Terminal serves as an Escrow service(financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction.) We receive your Paypal funds on your behalf and sell to buyers.Once our buyers confirm that all is okay,we pay you off.

VPT reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied. 

They are called Virtual Paypal because you are issued just the PayPal email which you can use to receive Payments from anyone.

These accounts serve as Middleman account. Middleman account act as your proxy to protect you from account limitions by Paypal while receiving money. 
furthermore it is only one-time usage.

VPT is also called Azahman.

In other to receive a PayPal payment from anyone,you will need to activate the VPT emails on your account .

For VPT(Virtual paypal terminal) account to be activated on your account,you will need to top-up your online account then click on receive PayPal button.

We offer Dedicated accounts.

This type of account is used by only you.

Its payment is one time and please always call us to know your VPT account status before issuing it out to your payer.
We cant always guarantee its usage although dedicated tend to last for a long time.

Click "RECEIVE PAYPAL" to get a VPT email assigned to your account today.

It is important to note that VPT is a private independent service. We are not associated to PayPal. 

Our accounts are standalone. 

No need to link it to PayPal. 

Only issue your assigned VPT email to your payer when they want to pay you and always verify your VPT email status before use and always instruct your payer to use the Goods and services option when sending.

Anyone can get a VPT account as long as they are in Nigeria.

You can get the VPT account absolutely on your account dashboard but have a onetime activation charge.

Yes, there is no hidden fee. 

So don’t worry about VPT accounts fee except PayPal fees for payments sent to your account as Goods and Services.

It will be left for you until you use it.

However we can change it if we happen to see an issue with it due to non-activity.

Once your payment is received to the address,they first enter the "LEDGER BALANCE" after being approved and credited by an admin. 

If after 24 hours and no issue from PayPal about your payment,it is automatically moved to "WALLET BALANCE". 

You can then apply for withdrawal.It is important to note that we now observe a new policy called GET PAID PER CLEARANCE. 

This means that a users withdrawal is processed off once its fund is sold to vendors. 

There is no time frame to when this can be completed.

As much as we might wish it wasn’t true, first impressions are crucial to any relationship. 
Getting off on the wrong foot with someone can be disastrous, and asking too much of them right off the bat might scare them away.
This is why we compiled a few of our trusted customers who you can always call to ask few questions about how we work and how reliable our service is.

Ajilore Theophilus Ayomide
Michael Tolani
Nikoro Cletus
Umar Ahmed Gana
Umar Abdulsalam
Emmanuel Ojiaku
Gbenga Oyewole
Olawale Olamide Samuel
Lawan Baldwin Mbaya
Uka Kelechi Igwe
Abubakar Babawonchiko
Aluko Ifeoluwa
Rabiu Adebayo
Yusuf Motolani Michael
David Braimoh
Isaac Okereke
Oluwaseun Ogunnoiki
Kevin Ashwe